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Concert Playlist

United States National Anthem
The Star Spangled Banner
Francis Scott Key

National Emblem March
E.E. Bagley/Edited by F. Fennell

America The Beautiful
Samuel Ward/Arr. Carmen Dragon

The Pacific
Hans Zimmer & Blake Neely/Arr. Ted Ricketts

Washington Post March
John Philip Sousa

Arlington (Where Giants Lie Sleeping)
Paul Murtha

In Flanders Fields
SSG James Holmes, 151st Army Band

The Thunderer March
John Philip Sousa/arr. Brion/Schissel

Armed Forces on Parade

Rock Band from the
151st Army Band, Alabama National Guard

Esprit De Corps
Robert Jager

Pearl Harbor Soundtrack Highlights
Hans Zimmer/arr. Jay Bocook

Midway March
John Williams/Transcribed by Paul Lavender

Them Basses
G.H. Huffine

American Flourish
Robert W. Smith

His Honor
Henry Fillmore

Through A Child’s Eyes
SSG James Holmes, 151st Army Band

God Bless America
SSG James Holmes, 151st Army Band

Stars and Stripes Forever
John Philip Sousa


Doug Holsworth,
Pensacola Civic Band

WO1 Rodney Brown,
151st Army Band

SSG Dallas Rabig,
151st Army Band

SGT Graham Haerther

Gary Beadle
Patrick Bonifay
David Bruner
SGT Benjamin Garcia
Daniel Wells
Leah Yelverton

SSG Thomas Furlough
SGT Christian Randau
SGT Trevor Todd
SPC Jordan Powers
WO1 Rodney Brown
SSG Dallas Rabig