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Empowering Musical Excellence

Sponsor the Pensacola Civic Band

Be a part of the extraordinary musical legacy in Pensacola by becoming a sponsor for the renowned Pensacola Civic Band! Your support will directly contribute to the empowerment of local musicians and the enchanting performances that captivate audiences.

As a sponsor, you’ll play a crucial role in fostering the growth and development of this esteemed ensemble. Your contribution will help provide essential resources, including instrument maintenance, sheet music, and rehearsal space, allowing the band to continue delivering awe-inspiring melodies to the community.

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In return for your generous support, you’ll gain visibility and recognition as a valued sponsor, reaching a diverse audience of music enthusiasts. From prominent logo placement in concert programs to special acknowledgments during performances, your brand will shine alongside the brilliance of the Civic Band.

Join us in cultivating a thriving arts scene in Pensacola, where the sound of music resonates with passion and vitality. Together, let’s make a lasting impact on the cultural landscape of our beloved city.

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Sponsorship Form

Download the form below and send to us in the mail, email, or come by and see us in person.  Or, if you prefer, you can fill out the online form. We have made it as easy as we can!

These forms must be collected along with any artwork by October 20, 2023 to be included in both the fall and spring concert programs. Any questions or concerns, please contact Lewis Garvin by email. ( The Pensacola Civic Band is a 501(c)(3) organization. If you fill out and return the form to be included in the fall concert, you will also be included in the Spring concert. This form is for the entire 2023-2024 Pensacola Civic Band season. If you have any questions, please email us or speak to any band member.

Thank you for your consideration

and for your generous donations.